Why Ghost Boat?


I have spent a lot of time teaching and giving advice to artists and arts administrators about how to apply for grants and write effectively about their work for grant panels. I would find myself using my students’ own companies as examples. I realized this was not the best practice, since I was putting words in their mouths and perhaps misinterpreting their missions and work. So I made up a fake theatre company, Ghost Boat, that I would talk about in class and use for examples. The (fake) company “produced site-specific Shakespeare productions on boats for young people.” Ghost Boat was, of course, helmed by my real life roommate Pete the Cat as Artistic Director, and me as part-time producer.

I would use Ghost Boast to teach about concepts like mission drift and budgeting best practices, and eventually the fake company has its own Quickbooks, budget, and mission statement. So many people joked that I should start the company, and now it’s a reality, except we are not producing theatre on boats…yet.